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BCIB is the provincial Crown corporation implementing the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) in British Columbia. The CBA is a model for building public infrastructure projects in a way that British Columbians benefit first – through careers, training and by building a human legacy in communities closest to the project.
BCIB is the employer of the skilled trades workforce on some of BC’s biggest construction projects and uses three key tools to grow and diversify BC’s skilled trades workforce:
1) Priority hiring for Indigenous peoples, women and other groups underrepresented in the trades, including locals living within 100km of a jobsite;
2) Maximizing apprenticeship opportunities on projects so workers can grow their careers; and
3) Changing the culture on jobsites so Indigenous workers, women and others feel safe and respected in their career.
BCIB is moving away from the traditional job application model:
People that work in construction often have experience across multiple trades. If you have experience in multiple trades, you may be eligible for multiple job openings on multiple CBA projects local to your community.
BCIB hires based on forecasts from the Prime Contractor, meaning that different jobs in different trades may become available at different times. Creating and updating a BCIB profile allows candidates to be assessed for all incoming positions.
BCIB is partnered with the Allied Infrastructure Related Construction Council of BC, which represents 19 trades unions. We send completed BCIB applicant profiles to these unions for review. BCIB works with our union affiliates and multiple referral agencies to provide skills training opportunities.
Recruiting through Trade Profiles:
To recruit workers, BCIB has moved away from job postings and job descriptions and now uses Trade Profiles. These Trade Profiles were developed to communicate positions and trades that are being recruited for in advance of the actual worker dispatch date, this allows BCIB adequate time to assess, upskill, and recruit candidates. The Prime contractor determines the numbers of positions available and any specialized certification requirements which can vary and change over the life of the project.
To apply for work opportunities with BCIB, applicants can start by creating an online profile at If you have already applied, please email to activate your profile.

BCIB is recruiting for Teamster and Trainees.
Teamsters and Trainees may be required on the Highway One Expansion Program in the next six months.
BCIB recruits’ workers by using Trade Profiles. Trade Profiles differ from typical job descriptions as they do not include specific duties, and exact positions may include specialized certifications or experience.
Trade Profiles describe the types of trades BCIB expects to hire on a project. We know what jobs will be required on a project, but we don’t always know in advance the number of positions that will be available or details like the specialized certifications required. The contractor and subcontractors let BCIB know these details closer to the start of work, but we want workers to get prepared and register with BCIB well ahead of being needed on site.
Job Description Overview: Teamsters also known as drivers many be tasked with jobs such as driving an end or bottom dump, turnarockers, lowbeds, mobile mix trucks, asphalt sprayer, pup, transfer or slider trailer and service trucks.
Working Conditions:
• Must be able work extended shift hours, in all weather conditions
• Noisy and dusty environments on all types of terrain
• Personal Protective Equipment will be required (e.g. steel-toed safety boots, safety glasses/goggles, etc.)
• Experience working in a busy job environment will be considered an asset
Qualifications and Certifications that are considered an Asset:
• CSTS-2020 or RSTS (Link for enrolment to be provided by BCIB)
• Valid Driver’s License
• Valid Air Brake Endorsement considered an asset • Have an understanding and the ability to follow safe work procedures
Skills Development: BCIB works with a network of support organizations for many skilled and unskilled tradespeople. If there are additional training or skilled trades development opportunities, BCIB will reach out to connect you.

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